What is Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is the study of price and volume, that creates indicators which can help us to predict the next move of the market.

Trader's who use only Technical Analysis believe that all the information know is in price and will only trade on Technical Analysis using no fundamental analysis at all.

Of course some trader's combine both Technical and Fundamental Analysis together.

Price Moves Sideways, in Swings and in Trends

In technical analysis, price movements are believed to follow trends and patterns. So a technical trading strategy can be developed to take advantage of this information.

History Repeats in the Markets

Another technical analysis idea is that history tends to repeat itself, mainly in terms of price movement.

Market psychology is the reason the market repeat the same basics patterns over time.

Technical Analysis Indicators

The MACD uses 3 exponential moving averages to come up with two moving averages
Learn to trade the MACD here


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